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Dr. Ilona Bürgel



PhD and diploma in psychology @ University of Leipzig | Conversation training, behavior training, relaxation techniques @ University of Leipzig | Training in nutrition counseling @ IBW | Mental Field Therapy @ IFAK Freiburg | Energetic Psychology @ DVNLP | Positive Psychology @ Seligmann Europe | Master NLP IANLP, EFT EFT @ Institute Berlin | Management @ University of Exeter | 2011 nomination for the “victress award” | 2013 for the Querdenker Award | 2015 model entrepreneur for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


As a qualified psychologist, Ilona is one of the first and leading representatives of positive psychology in German-speaking countries. After 15 years in management positions in the private sector, she eventually founded her own company in 2005 and is now a speaker, author, columnist for magazines, and permanent advisor for print media, radio and television. She gained international experience at the University of Exeter and as a visiting lecturer at the International Business School in Aarhus (DK).


My goal is to create a positive environment filled with happiness, joie de vivre and well-being, in which anyone is able to take good care of themselves independently. For me, health, nutrition and vitality go hand in hand to create a happy, holistic lifestyle. And my philosophy is that nobody else can tell you what’s good for you, gives you energy, makes you shine, and lets you be the best version of yourself. This also applies to intermittent fasting. Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean giving up on the sweeter things in life. We try to be good at everything we do and to do it perfectly, but the real question we need to ask ourselves is: “Does this work for me?” “Does this suit my lifestyle?” Of course, not everything that’s good for us is going to be easy, but it’s about understanding yourself and whether you’re being true to your body or shying away from a challenge.