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Dr. med. Daniela Liebscher



Completion of studies in human medicine @ TU Dresden | Medical practice in the specialties of orthopedics, geriatrics, internal medicine, general medicine and naturopathy | Research physician @ Immanuel Hospital Berlin/Charité | University Outpatient Clinic for Naturopathy with a focus on fasting | Certified fasting physician and board member @ ÄGHE | Self-employed in the nutrition and fasting industry | Osteopathy training and homeopathy training as well as training in naturopathic medicine | Co-founder @ the Academy for Integrative Fasting


Being a trained general practitioner, Daniela has collected experience in surgery and internal medicine, but has especially focussed on Integrative Medicine. Having worked on religious fasting for her PhD thesis, her way took her to experienced fasting clinics in different parts of Germany, having the opportunity to study with leading clinical fasting expert Prof. Andreas Michalsen. Then, together with a few colleagues, she decided to establish an academy for doctors and nutritionists to be trained on the application of therapeutic fasting in different contexts.


When I turned 15, I started to keep a yearly fast in the month of March. My friends, and later my fellow students at University, would often doubt the health effects of it. There I was, studying medicine and not being able to explain how fasting affects the human organism! This needed to change – I was sure I could find evidence to support that fasting was not unhealthy, to say the least. My way took me from religious fasting to therapeutic fasting. Since accompanying the first patients, I was amazed at the multifaceted effects it can have. Was it possible that such a powerful cure existed to support the healing process in so many different diseases? I do hope that the future will bring us more evidence, the right dosage for every individual and alongside this, will help us understand our human nature better.