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Fiona’s Transformation

Allie Evangelopoulos

Allie Evangelopoulos

December 15, 2022

Fiona’s Transformation

Becoming fit and fabulous with Fastic (she achieved it!)

Introducing Fiona 🤗 Some of you might remember her from this video:

Fiona shed 14 pounds with Fastic! So we asked her if she’d walk us through a day in her intermittent fasting life and share her top tips for success.

1. What time do you get up?

I get up at about 8.30 most days.

2. Do you have a morning routine?

Morning routine, no not really except care for my horses and dog, nice dog walk, fresh air, basically keep busy. My husband has breakfast so I try to avoid watching him eat! Not always easy!

3. Do you drink anything in the morning? If so, what?

I drink water mainly or ginger tea. One coffee too with a dash of milk. Can’t be too good!

4. What time do you break your fast and what is your usual go to?

My fast usually gets broken with something healthy, I love avocado on toast with a bit of salt and pepper. Normally a 16 hour fast but if I’m not hungry I don’t eat until I am; which has gone to 18 or 20 hours.Normally a 16 hour fast but if I’m not hungry I don’t eat until I am; which has gone to 18 or 20 hours.

5. Can you please tell us a bit more about your eating habits during your eating window?

So when I’ve had a healthy lunch I try my best not to snack in between meals. Mainly just herb teas or water but I do sometimes have a Mars bar! That’s only started since I hit my target goal and really trying to stop but my husband has a chocolate cupboard which is a killer. So once again keeping busy helps. Clearing clutter is the best, at the moment clearing old clothes which are now too big! I get lost in my pottery for hours and totally forget to eat so that’s also a plus. I realize my eating habits always were for emotional reasons.

6. What time do you stop eating?

I stop eating no later than 8.30pm. If I can eat earlier, I do. Most of the time I have a small glass of wine. Always brush my teeth afterwards as if to confirm in my mind, no more food until tomorrow. Always works for me.

7. Do you enjoy any movement during the day? If so, what and when?

Movement, okay in the summer I swim quite a lot so I will miss it in the winter months. I walk my dog in the morning, only 20 mins as he’s older and I pick up lots of horses’ poo! That’s hard work. A little bit of yoga and general gardening. Swimming is a great workout. Dreading these winter months ahead as there will be less time outside and fingers crossed I don’t put on weight. 10 mins of exercise a day helps .

8. How much sleep do you get per night?

Sleep is my favorite, I’m a bed bug. I go for a good 9 to 10 hours. But lately I have broken my sleep by needing to visit the toilet for a pee! Bit of a bummer.

9. Which intermittent fasting method do you use and why does it fit into your everyday life?

I prefer the breakfast fasting as the evening meal with my husband is most important as he takes the time to cook a lovely meal. So it would be rude not to enjoy food and good company in the eve. It’s our together time. Breakfast I can easily live without. It was a bit hard at first but now I just avoid it by doing something else, such as time with the horses. If I find I am struggling, I have a touch of salt on my tongue, it always works. It’s a great trick.

10. What changes have you noticed?

My relationship with food has totally changed. I now eat because I am hungry.  Being hungry makes me enjoy it so much more and I eat slower to savor the flavors. I still enjoy my wine but not the amount I used to drink at all. That’s seriously gone down, and not every night as it was before. I look for healthy options that will pass in my stomach easily such as veggies or just a little fruit, only because of the sugar content. I’m not a big meat eater at all but will eat chicken plus my portions are smaller too which helps. No second servings anymore just because it’s tasty. I ask myself am I full now? The answer is always yes. So massive difference in my eating habits. It’s only taken me 57 years!

11. What do you like about Fastic?

I love it because it’s become my best friend. I love that I get reminded when my eating time is ready or nearly finished. I get to check my progress whenever I want to, which makes me feel proud, especially the weight chart. Great info on what my body is doing during my fasting hours. I am fascinated with 16 to 20 hour period autophagy. Just wished I could say it without laughing. I really don’t use all the options like counting my glasses of water but what I use works well for me. The feeling okay and notes section I always use. It really is a brilliant app. It’s changed my life really. I am thinner, more positive about myself, more energy, generally a happier person that feels healthy. I have always struggled with my weight but now it’s so simple thanks to Fastic. Also such fun trying on those tight clothes to find them now fitting me. Just love it.

12. What was the hardest thing (if there was anything) about changing your habits?  

The hardest thing was and still is other people’s opinions. When I first started I had comments like, “oh you must eat breakfast, you can’t be healthy if you don’t eat regularly”.  My breath was a bit funky with the changes going on so I found a sip of apple cider vinegar helped sort that out. So really it was the negativity of others. Now it’s a different story. I get, “well done, you look fantastic, so proud of you.”  It took time but well worth it.

13.When you look back to the beginning of your journey, what has helped you most to stay on track?

Without a doubt it is Fastic. Couldn’t have done it otherwise. I learned from it and it made me look at intermittent fasting in a good way. YouTube too was very helpful to confirm the app is the way to go. Having the app by my side when I eat, so I’m ready to press the “start fasting” button, is for me the icing on the cake. I tell myself well done, press the button, brush my teeth and that’s it. Another good day for me.

14. What are your other goals?

My further goals are to now stay on track with my weight. If I put on a few pounds due to that chocolate cupboard talking to me, I have Fastic to help me get back on track, which will be an 18 hour fast. I have found being 57 my skin hasn’t got the elasticity anymore so exercising is now a must to help tone my arms. Now they are very wobbly but autophagy will also help me too. It’s really amazing what our bodies are capable of, so thank you for that.

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